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About H3

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Welcome to H3. 


H3 is relentless. Our team, experts in their respective fields, bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our organization. Driven by passion and commitment, they approach challenges with tenacity, leveraging individual and the team’s collective expertise to deliver tailored solutions, driving our company and clients towards sustained success.


H3 prioritizes flexibility. Our employment model challenges healthcare’s conventional 9-5 corporate archetype, understanding that innovation and achievement often flourish outside of rigid structures and mandates. This flexibility enables H3 Team members to balance professional and personal missions, enabling excellence in contributions to organizational objectives while delivering unrivaled support to the growth of client businesses.


H3 values contribution. We give Team members a platform to do their best work. We empower the brightest minds in the industry and develop in each the ability to consistently deliver on metrics and successful outcomes for clients. And we generously reward results, not butt-in-seat hours logged.  

Our Leadership Team

Clayton Hoefer headshot

Clayton Hoefer, MS

CTO, Co-Founder

Beka Hegenwald headshot

Beka Hegenwald, MS

CEO, Co-Founder

Scott Huston headshot

Scott Huston, MBA

CSO, Co-Founder

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