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H3 Healthcare

Credential Providers Faster and More Transparently with H3 

You've Got Them. 

We've Got You.

Growing Operational Concerns from Practice Leaders


53% of practices report an increase in credentialing-related denials


Teams are inundated with alerts, emails, and snail mail


Enrollment tasks are allocated to staff with no visibility to progress, priorities, or workload


Passwords and security questions are stored in disaggregated spreadsheets


Task focus gets derailed when an enrollment or other new issue arises


Doctor and Patient
Doctor and Patient
  • Increase speed of payor application submission with better organization, while reducing errors, risk, and cost

  • Proactively maintain provider and facility credentials

  • Trust H3's 100% US-based team of healthcare experts with decades of collective healthcare credentialing and revenue cycle experience and contacts

  • Achieve results faster with fewer resources via our secure task and cloud storage platform powered by AI and automation

  • Complete provider applications instantly with H3’s auto form generation

  • Get complete transparency by leveraging dashboards and dozens of prebuilt reports 

Onboard and Credential Providers Faster - in Days not Months

Minimize Risk,

Maximize Revenue, Focus on Growth

Comprehensive, Personalized Support via a Single H3 POC

Automate Manual Processes & Leverage Advanced Technology

Secure new provider revenue up to 63% faster with H3

*Access an incremental $28,000 per provider via ~$10k per provider per day; Results may vary.

Expect More

Online Medical Consultant
"How would I describe H3's service?  Life saving.  You don't even realize how much time you're spending updating things in 17 places and you're trying to onboard new providers... it is just such a weight off."
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